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There are People with a Book inside of them and a dream to be a published author that will never be able to write, publish or market their book;
But Now they can!!!

Imagine reading the story, the life-saving message. or an empowering inspiration from a person's story. Imagine those stories going untold.

Everyone you meet has a book inside of them. But for underprivileged people living in poverty all over the world and right here is your city, that book can never be a reality for them because: 

  • They don't have the money to get their book completed and published.
  • They don't have access to the resources to publish their book.
  • They don't know how to start
  • They don't know what to do when they have finished their book
  • No One knows who they are or about their book

But You Can Change All Of That!


After working with authors for over 16 years, the two things every author wants is:

  • For people to read their book
  • For their book to make a difference

So I created a system to share amazing authors with you. AND. A way to empower you to be a part of the change every author wants their books to make in this world.

The system is simple. You get unlimited access to all the books we have now and will ever add to our system. We give our time, as well as a portion of every dime we raise to assist deserving authors who cannot afford to share their stories with the world. We help them to write, publish and market their book to BEST SELLER!

It's that simple. Our authors make money off their books. They get massive exposure to their message. And, they get to make a difference in the world!

And you are the most important part of this because you care enough to be part of our ever-growing group that is supporting 


Thank you for being part of this mission! For authors with books and for authors with a book inside of them, we are helping them truly succeed and truly make the difference in the world they were meant to make.

Join us now and lets Change the World - FOREVER!

This organization is made up of a team of individuals whose #1 goal in life is to empower the voices of people all over the world no matter their circumstances. The team consists of 21-time #1 International Best Selling Author Steve Kidd who has worked with over 4000 people to write, publish and market their book to best seller. Judy Mark, a powerhouse in her own field helps women heal from abuse, find their voice and learn to love themselves. Craig Phillips, a technical guru on and off the internet with a love for cryptocurrency and all of the most exciting next and cutting edge technologies, and our staff of editors, marketers and book pros. 

Steve has run a marketing company for over 36 years, has been in internet marketing for 29 years, and has been doing book marketing for 16 years.

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 A community that cares

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Sounds Good Right? Thank you for being a part!

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Cheryl Rich
Happy Customer

“I finally understand what finding your voice is about. Thanks to you and your method I can now hear my voice… For years people have said, ‘You’ve got to find your voice when you write’ and thank goodness for you! Because this is the 1st time I’ve been able to say, ‘That’s me on paper! Those are my thoughts! That’s my life experience!!!!'”


I worked with Cheryl when she was completely out of work and had no money and now her book is published and changing the world.

Errol Abramson
Happy Customer

"Thank You Steve, For Helping Me Share My Journey With The World"


Errol put his book out for only one purpose and that was to share his success with the world and let everyone know that You Can Too 

In case you wonder out about our training


"A 30 minute conversation with Steve taught me more than I learned in the last two years of doing my business by myself" ~ Harry Barmon 

And if you STILL need a reason to join now we encourage you to remember that a percentage of every dollar you pay us goes to help underprivileged writers around the world get their books done for FREE! Your joining us is making a difference in people's lives. Help someone who could never afford to write their book to get our assistance at no cost to them!